“Don’t really comprehend how there can be so many excellent mostly unknown artists making first class music. If we could only trade one Rap “Artist” and one Pop Diva for an equal amount of notoriety for one of these indie or alt acts would bring a collective smile to many a countenance; especially moi. There is an Afro-Caribbean flavor (Jamaican?) to these tunes that make them unique and subtly brilliant. Vital? Beyond doubt.”


“Vital’s music comes off as powerful and uplifting, something our generation can certainly use more of.”


“Vital has escaped those 16-bars and is now a combination of Kid Cudi and John Legend. Yes, beneath that perfectly fitting woven and charming smile, lies an insanely creative man who brings new meaning to this idea of eccentricity, where words that read plainly on paper take shape once the music kicks in.”


“Vital is the moniker of Duranta D. Cook an artist who started his career in hip hop but recently made the switch to indie dream pop. I can’t really imagine a more different approach to music than those two genres, but Vital’s results makes it obvious that he’s comfortable with what he’s doing now. The music is effortless to like, mixing soulful vocals, wistful lyrics and airy instrumentation.”