where am I.. I don’t know.. I think I’m lost cause this all just looks
the same who are you an unfamiliar face but my head told me to go this
way.. It’s saying to me
It’s saying to me me me.. the voices in my head just keep on saying
saying ooh ooh ooh O O etc.

Going Back

Let’s go back to when we were younger laughing all the way to go
nowhere.. nights are short but days they are longer where’s that place
o how I wonder..
remember when we used to play outside better be home before you see
the street light.. the lunch pale goes inside of my backpack and off I
go to where ever that’s at
ahh ahh ahh ahh ..etc
Let’s Skip To My Lou my darling hurry London Bridge is falling Merry
goes around and around I don’t know when I’ll ever come down.. ahh ahh
You hear that voice its calling dinners on the table waiting for ya
better wash your hands no sweets don’t spoil it or mamas gonna woop
your backside for it…
tag and your it if you hide I’ll go get ya.. Simon just said we all go
doorbell ditchin.. it’s just the little and I really miss red light
green light I wish I was a kid again kid again


The clock ticks I arrive just for departure.. stand there wave goodbye
just left my heart there.. on my way to success is what I’m hoping..
so far so good the way my day is going.. my mind so clear I’m thinking
positively.. no guts no fear even though the possibility of crashing
here I know that I’ll soon make it there.. I see the clouds go by they
look so lovely please forgive me but I wish I was on the other side
and fly without these wings wings wings.. even though I might seem
high not even once forever I think I would fall(5x) I’m wondering what
its like to be free its killing me like suicide(2x)

Read It

Today’s the day I fall no more.. I found just what I’m looking for
they say it’s all gonna be ok and how I so really hate that phrase
I know it sounds a little crazy after they say it I’m still angry I
think I’ll take a step away and breath breath breath
I’ve heard there’s something wrong with me I don’t believe it.. its
not that I don’t like you I’m trying to be different.. so you can say
what you want about me I don’t listen..
I’ve learned just how to take constructive criticism.. ooh ooh oooh…….
Read it first before you judge it by its cover make sure you
understand every word before you throw the book out on the curb


I’ve been wondering what to do cause I’ve been sitting here for the
past three days and I can’t seem to get a hold of you . where’d you go
if its somewhere peaceful, I would like to know.. and I hope that your
ok as for me nothing has changed how have you been what have you been
up to I’m not gone pretend I wanna conversate with you
you ooh ooh ooh O!!!
Found and lost and found again I don’t know where ill end up ill just
continue my journey to find a friend I wanna conversate with you you
ooh ooh ooh O
I think I see something in my way ahead and I know it could be my
shadow… or it could be my mind playing tricks again no I wont
proceed to follow… how have u been what have you been up to I’m not
gone pretend I wanna conversate with you you ooh ooh ooh O

The News (The Beatles Tribute)

I read the news today o boy so many years have gone by so much time..
we spent on things that don’t matter the pressures to strong its a
waste of time
people have died.. women have cried.. mothers have prayed to God..
wake me up when the war stops cause I cant take it anymore.. babies
are born hearts being torn I’m just tryna survive while living my life
its a constant struggle to get by…
oooh ooooh ladadada ladadada 2x
Can you stop this pain from aching.. can’t you tell from my body
language I’m filled to the top with anger make it go away.. can’t you
see the sun is shining hurry please this light is blinding if you seek
then you will find it possibly today..
hoo hoo hoo hoo etc…2x