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The Vital EP is currently the only music Vital has officially released. However, included here on the site, are 3 other bonus tracks.

  • Saying
  • Going Back
  • Coversate
  • Read It
  • Airport
  • The News (The Beatles Tribute)
  • Stupid
  • Hey
  • All Aboard
  • Read It


Subject to a life less ordinary at an early age, Vital volleyed between Vallejo, California and Chicago for much of his childhood. As a result, hip-hop became his preferred mode of communication. After years of rapping, he finally made the decision to use the full range of his voice in a steadfast trial and error fashion.

Recorded entirely in Atlanta, the EP was the beginning of a recording process that would eventually result in a catalog of over 30 songs. “It came naturally,” he says of the creative process. “Chris and I created the songs together. It wasn’t a situation where I was sifting through throwaway tracks that other artists rejected. Everything was raw. We made so many songs in this little room with a sound booth in a closet. That just goes to show that it doesn’t really matter where you record. If the vibe and the sound is good, the songs will come out good.”

While the passionate “Conversate” finds Vital yearning to catch up with people he’s lost track of over the years, “Going Back” takes a more lighthearted approach at mining nostalgia with whimsical piano chords and playful lyrics. “I’m a kid at heart,” says the self-described 80s baby. “I wanted to write a fun song about all the fun things I used to do as a kid. Playing tag, hide & go seek, doorbell ditching, catching crawdads. Just being young again. I just wanted to take people back and reminisce.”

The illustrious, captivating video concepts for “Saying” and “Airport” have racked up a combined 300K on Vimeo to date. “In terms of visuals, I try stay ahead of the curve. The motion graphics we used are a revolutionary way of making videos that hadn’t really been experimented with before.” Though he is resolutely confident in his artistic stance, Vital is also quite noticeably absent from the EP cover artwork and his first music video.

Though he rarely listens to radio or watches music video programming, Vital, whose name reflects his opinion on his intrinsic and imminent value to the world of music, remains intent on altering the barren terrain of pop music. His refreshing music invites a rare a listen without prejudice that has much to offer those who are brave enough to unplug and engage. “I’m really not all about the cliché stuff. My aim is to make timeless music. Music that will still sound fresh 20 years from now. I’m done with trying to make trendy music that’s only good for right now.


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“Yes, beneath that perfectly fitting woven and charming smile, lies an insanely creative man who brings new meaning to this idea of eccentricity, where words that read plainly on paper take shape once the music kicks in.”


“Don’t really comprehend how there can be so many excellent mostly unknown artists making first class music. If we could only trade one Rap “Artist” and one Pop Diva for an equal amount of notoriety for one of these indie or alt acts would bring a collective smile to many a countenance; especially moi.”

Heroes Of Indie Music
Rich Freedman

“”Vital, is quickly carving his name into the alternative rock niche following his five-song release, “The Vital EP,” that’s sprinkled with catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics.”

Rich FreedmanThe Times Herald